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Accelerating automotive growth in the growing aftermarket services landscape of the Kingdom


Mosanada Logistics Services ( MLS) was appointed as the sole aftermarket services provider for  Hyundai, Nissan, and Ford Parts across The KIngdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)


September 1st, 2021: Mosanada Logistics Services (MLS), a leading logistics provider in the Gulf region, signed a long term partnership agreement at a ceremony on August, 22nd 2021,  with Mohammed Yousef Naghi Motors (MYNM) to manage their complete aftermarket logistics services portfolio out of a newly opened Hub & Spoke 16,000sqm logistics facility in Jeddah. With the move, Mosanada Logistics Services, grew its aftermarket presence and scale in addition to its 8 distribution centers that it already operates in Saudi Arabia for various vertical markets.


 Front row: Abdullah Riyad (left), Mosanada's Automotive General Manager with Stephan Kuester, Managing Director of Aftersales at MYNM.

Back row: Mosanada’s CEO Mr. Michael Hermann with Eng. Anees Jamjoom, MYN Vice President and CEO.


Abdullah Riyad, Mosanada Automotive General Manager, said, "We realize the significant role  spare parts play for any successful after- sales service. Hence, we constantly strive to provide our  partners with reliable, agile, and cost-efficient service throughout every step of our value chain.  We believe that Mosanada possesses the crucial expertise to elevate our automotive partners'  aftersales operations ".


Mosanada and MYNM Executives


Stephen Kuester, MYNM Aftersales Managing Director, expressed his optimism as to what this  partnership will yield: "Mosanada's strength lies in its customizable and comprehensive  technological solutions. With real-time insights and analytics powered by enhanced network  visibility, our partners in Mosanada are trusted to eliminate challenges and assist us to reach our  targets in the months and years ahead."


Eng. Anees Jamjoom, MYN Vice President and CEO, Michael Herrmann, Mosanada CEO, and National  after-sales and service directors from MYN's Hyundai, Nissan, and Ford attended the signing  ceremony.

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About Mosanada:

Mosanada Logistics Services was founded in 2010 and delivers customized logistics and transport solutions to the Saudi Arabian Market by capitalizing on a broad spectrum of expertise to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to our customers.