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In its constant drive to achieve working excellence, Mosanada Logistics Services recently undertook an upgrade to its current Oracle® ERP for warehousing operations. A substantial revamp has been done by incorporating WMS (Warehouse management system) that is aimed at enhancing the efficiencies of this complex operation.

Key Benefits

Efficiency in operating expenses, WMS systems help in devising the most effective usage of labor & space that directly impacts on the wastage produced as it gets sufficiently reduced. Perishable items & the ones nearing the expiry date are identified & picked first which is further optimized to as the process of picking them & discarding them is thoroughly streamlined. This entire alignment directly results cost saving.

Streamlined Inventory, WMS helps in achieving a balanced & “just in time” inventory which is a major difference compare to the scenario when it is not in place. The overall accuracy improves substantially that minimizes the hands-on quantities, safety stock & the lot sizes. The entire environment thus operates in the most effective manner.

Enhanced Security, for any warehouse, security is an integral part to ensure pristine operation. The WMS makes it possible to have an audit trail that embeds particular employee with the particular transaction that he has done himself. This makes the accountability much easier & decreases the potential of theft.

Process Optimization, the WMS system enables you to determine which work methodology is most suitable as it can optimize the various business processes involved. For example, through this system, you can pick & choose from a wide array of algorithms for picking materials including zone, wave & batch picking.

Enhanced Transparency, the WMS ensure holistic transparency across the board for on-hand balances and inventory usage. This leads to facilitate the suppliers involved with our business to track & map out their own processes & procedures in a much more effective manner.

Improved Relations with Customer & suppliers, the efficacy of WMS is not limited to the warehousing operation only. It goes further as it effects supply & demand chain in a positive manner. These crucial phenomena are thoroughly optimized which translates into reduction of waiting time at docks & loading bays for the suppliers and manage their way forward efficiently.

Integrated System, a well-integrated system of ERP is key to an organization success as it helps in improvising the time management & resource allocation. These 2 elements play an important role in effecting the bottom line thus contributing towards the overall efficiency of operation.